Emergency Numbers in Switzerland - Police, Fire, Ambulance & Rescue Services

Emergency Numbers in Switzerland - Police, Fire, Ambulance & Rescue Services

Emergency Numbers in Switzerland - Police, Fire, Ambulance & Other Rescue Services

Though once in life, everybody falls in a difficult situation, where we need some emergency help. So it is important for us to know who to call and what to say at that kind of moment. In Switzerland, there is not only a single emergency number for different purposes like Police, Fire or Ambulance similar to the 911 in the USA, 999 in the UK, and 112 in India. Emergency numbers in Switzerland are divided according to various types of emergency, i.e., there are different emergency numbers in Switzerland for different purposes. So, here I will tell you about the emergency numbers of Switzerland that will help you for sure.

The Emergency Number of Switzerland - 112

In Switzerland 112 is the most important emergency number. If you are uncertain about a situation or event is an emergency, you can call 112 and tell them about the situation. After dialing 112 you will be connected to the police emergency switchboard.
Emergency Numbers in Switzerland
P.S. You can also call this emergency number while using a foreign SIM card or while using a prepaid mobile phone with no remaining credit.
Some other important emergency numbers are listed below which can be called from a mobile phone or any public telephone.

Emergency Numbers
Fire Service
‘Helping Hand’ counselling helpline
143 (CHF 0.20 per call)
Helpline for children and young people (Pro Juventute)
Toxicological information centre: Tox Info (in case of suspected poisoning)

Police Switzerland Phone Number - Safety Tips:

If possible please try to create a list that is easily accessible with the following very important contact names and phone numbers and please make sure that everyone in your home is aware of these emergency numbers in Switzerland.
  • Local Police Station
  • Local Fire department
  • Local hospital
  • Doctor’s (Personal)
  • Personal emergency contact list
Be very sure that you have kept the phone number of the nearest police station, next to your phone. The police officers exist to protect you and your family from danger.
These are information about emergency numbers in Switzerland. So, before using the emergency numbers in Switzerland you should know when to use these Emergency Numbers in Switzerland properly.

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