Emergency Numbers in Germany 112 - Police, Fire, Ambulance & Other Services

Emergency Numbers in Germany 112 - Police, Fire, Ambulance & Other Services

Emergency Numbers in Germany 112 - Police, Fire, Ambulance & Other Services

In our life we all fall in a difficult situation though once where we need some emergency help and support. So for us it is very important to know who to call and what to say at that kind of situation. So in this article I am going to share you all the information about emergency numbers in Germany and Ambulance Germany which is going to help you for sure.
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Emergency Numbers in Germany - 112

In Germany 112 is the nationwide emergency number. If you are uncertain about a particular situation or event being an emergency, you can call to 112 and tell them about that situation. The operator attending your call will determine whether you need an emergency help or not and transfer your call to the appropriate response team. This emergency number 112 can be used for situations like serious medical problems, fire related incidents, crimes and life-threatening situations. You can also call ambulance Germany by using this number.
Emergency numbers in Germany
All GSM handsets have been in-built recognition of emergency number 112 and are able to call 112 even when the phone is locked with a password or when there is no balance left for making outgoing calls. Calls will be possible even if there is no sim card present in the phone or the phone is without a valid subscription.

List of Emergency Numbers in Germany currently in operation:

Emergency Number
Common Emergency Number
Non-emergency medical on-call duty
116 117
Debit and Credit card locking call
116 116
Administration-emergency call
Military Police
0800 190 9999
Federal (incl. railway) Police
0800 6 888 000

Emergency numbers in Germany

Important tips while calling German Emergency Services:

State your name, telephone number and location where help is needed, the situation and if it’s still happening, how many people require help and whether there are weapons or dangerous substances involved in that situation.
If you have children, be prepared to cite their ages and how much they weigh (in kilograms) in case you need to call an anti-poison centre or to administer medication.
If dealing with intoxications, make sure to inform them of what was taken and if possible, give them the rest of what was consumed.
Never hang up until you are asked to do so.

Ambulance Germany : Some Tips for Better Safety

If possible try to create a list which is easily accessible with the following important contact names and phone numbers and make sure that everyone in your home is fully aware of these emergency numbers in Germany.
Local Police Station – For non-emergency condition.
Local Fire department – For non-emergency condition.
Local hospital (Ambulance Emergency).
Doctor’s (Personal).
Personal emergency contact list.
Be very sure that you have kept the phone number of ambulance Germany and the nearest police station, next to your phone. The police officers exist to protect you and your family from any kind of danger.
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These are information about Ambulance Germany and Emergency Numbers in Germany. So, use these emergency numbers in Germany wisely as per your condition.

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