Emergency Numbers in Brazil - Police, Fire, Ambulance & Rescue Forces

Emergency Numbers in Brazil - Police, Fire, Ambulance & Rescue Forces

Emergency Numbers in Brazil - Police, Fire, Ambulance & Other Rescue Forces

In our life, we may fall into a situation where we might need some emergency support. So it becomes very important for us to know who to call and what to say at that kind of emergency situations. So in this article, I am going to share you all the information about emergency numbers in Brazil which is going to help you for sure.

Important Emergency Numbers in Brazil

190 - Police
192 - Ambulance
193 - Fire Brigade

Other Helpline Numbers in Brazil

100 - Human Rights Secretariat
112 - Emergency Number in European countries (redirects to 190)
128 - Standard Emergency Number in Mercosul (in Brazil, redirects to 190)
136 - Ministry of Health Hotline
147 - Digital Television Transition Hotline (2010–2023)
153 - Municipal Guards
181 - Anonymous Crime Reporting (some areas only)
188 - Centro de Valorização da Vida (Suicide prevention helpline)
191 - Federal Highway Police
194 - Federal Police Department
197 - Civil Police
198 - State Highway Patrol
199 - Civil Defense
911 - Emergency Number in the United States (redirects to 190)

Safety Tips for Emergency Numbers in Brazil

Create a list which is easily accessible with the following important contact names and phone numbers and please make sure that everyone in your home is aware of these emergency numbers in Brazil.
  • Local Police Station – For non-emergency condition.
  • Local Fire department – For non-emergency condition.
  • Local hospital.
  • Doctor’s (Personal).
  • Personal emergency contact list.
Emergency Numbers in Brazil
Make sure that you have kept the phone number of the nearest police station next to your mobile phone. The police officers exist to protect you and your family.
These are information about Emergency Numbers in Brazil etc. So, use these Emergency Numbers in Brazil wisely as per your condition.

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