Emergency Numbers in Japan - Police, Fire, Ambulance & Rescue Services

Emergency Numbers in Japan - Police, Fire, Ambulance & Rescue Services

Emergency Numbers in Japan for Police, Fire, Ambulance & Rescue Services

In our life, we may fall into a situation where we might need some emergency help. So for us, it is very important to know who to call and what to say at that kind of emergency situation. So in this article, I am going to share you all the information about emergency numbers in Japan such as Ambulance Japan, Police Japan, etc which is going to help you for sure.
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List of All Emergency Numbers in Japan

  • Police - 110
  • Ambulance / Fire Brigade - 119
  • Coast Guard (Sea Rescue) - 118
  • Tokyo English-speaking Police - 03 3501 0110 (Weekdays 08:30 - 17:15)
  • Tokyo Emergency First Aid Association - 03 5276 0995
  • Road Assistance - #8139
  • Information about Emergencies - #7119 (Free Call) / #9110 (Pay Call)

Emergency Numbers in Japan

One thing to note is that there is no guarantee that any English will be spoken on any of these emergency numbers in Japan. Please note that you should be able to describe your location (address) in Japanese or find someone who can.
All emergency numbers in Japan can be called free from a fixed landline, public telephone or mobile cellular phone.
Note: 112 and 911 redirect to 110 on mobile phones.

Fire / Ambulance Japan - Important Tips

Dial 119 in case of Fire and Medical Emergency. In the case of a Fire, say “Kaji Desu” or if an ambulance is required, say “Kyuu-Kyuu Desu”. Do not hang up the call until the dispatcher understands the address, the service required and the telephone number.

Emergency Numbers in Japan

In case you need any medical advice in English, you can call the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institution Information Service. It provides an emergency translation service over the telephone.
Tel: 03 5285 8185
Japan Help Line is a charity providing 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance and general advice. It has English-speaking volunteer operators.
Tel: 05 7000 0911

Police Japan - Some Useful Tips for Better Safety

Also, create a list that is easily accessible with the following very important contact names and phone numbers and please make sure that everyone in your home is aware of these emergency numbers in Japan.
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  • Local Police Station – For non-emergency condition.
  • Local Fire department – For non-emergency condition.
  • Local hospital.
  • Doctor’s (Personal).
  • Personal emergency contact list.
Emergency Numbers in Japan
Make sure that you have kept the phone number of the nearest police station, next to your mobile phone. The police officers exist to protect you and your family from danger.
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These are information about emergency numbers in Japan. So, Use these Emergency Numbers in Japan wisely as per your condition.

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