Emergency Numbers in Turkey - Police, Fire, Ambulance & Rescue ervices

Emergency Numbers in Turkey - Police, Fire, Ambulance & Rescue ervices

Emergency Numbers in Turkey for Police, Fire, Ambulance & Rescue Services

In an emergency situation, it is very important to know who to call and what to say. So here I am going to share you all the information about Emergency Numbers in Turkey which will help you for sure.
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All Emergency Number in Turkey

The 112 is the common emergency number in Turkey for Turkey Police, Ambulance and Fire. Also, there are different emergency numbers in Turkey for some different purposes. List of all the Emergency Numbers in Turkey currently in operation:
ServiceEmergency Numbers
Police112 / 155
Fire Brigade112 / 110
Municipal Police153
Coast Guard158
Forest Fire177
Water Emergency185
Electricity Emergency186
Gas Emergency187
Child Abuse and Family Violence183
Calls to the following emergency numbers are totally free of cost and the lines are available 24/7 in case of emergency.
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Emergency Numbers in Turkey

Turkey Police:

As mentioned above, 112 is the common Emergency Number in Turkey for Turkey Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance Service. Here is important information for you regarding this emergency number 112:
All GSM handsets have been in-built recognition of emergency number 112 and are able to call 112 even when the phone is locked with a password or when there is no balance left for making outgoing calls. Calls will be possible even if there is no sim card present in the phone or the phone is without a valid subscription.

Emergency Numbers in Turkey

Some Tip for better safety:

Create a list which is easily accessible with the following important contact names and phone numbers and make sure that everyone in your home is aware of these Emergency Numbers in Turkey.
Local Police Station – For non-emergency condition.
Local Fire department – For non-emergency condition.
Local hospital.
Doctor’s (Personal).
Personal emergency contact list.
Emergency Numbers in Turkey
Be very sure that you have kept the phone number of the nearest police station, next to your phone. The police officers exist to protect you and your family from any kind of danger.
These are information about emergency numbers in Turkey. So, use the emergency numbers in Turkey wisely as per your condition.

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